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Annual Vesak Celebration 2024

Vesak full moon Poya day is the most important day for Buddhists all over the world. Annual Vesak Celebrations for 2024 was held at the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara premises on […]

Aradhana Live-in-concert Financial Statement

With all merits to the performers, organizers, sponsors, and participants, we would like to disclose our financial statement of Aradhana Live-in-Concert show held on 4 May 2024 at Lincoln Event […]

New Year Blessing 2024

New Year Blessing Ceremony for the coming year 2024 will commence at 10 am on the 1st of January 2024 at the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara. Programme: 10:00am – Observe five […]

Katina Ceremony and Overnight Pirith Chanting 2023

The Katina Robe Offering Ceremony and Overnight Pririth Chanting at Samadhi Buddhist Viara were held this year with the participation of venerable monks around New Zealand. The events were full […]

Cheevara Puja

Dear Devotees and Friends in Dhamma, The special robe, which is prepared to be offered for the Maha Sangha at the end of Vas Season, is available from 16th October […]

Esela Poya Sil Programme 2023

The Esela Poya Sil Programme will be held on Saturday, 8th July 2023 at the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, under the guidance of Ven.Makuldeniye Somarathana Thero, Ven.Mapalane Sumanatissa Thero, Ven.Maduwanwela Dhammasiddhi Thero and Ven.Rohini Sil […]

Vesak Bathi Gee Puja (Buddhist Devotional Songs)

As a part of Vesak Celebrations, devotees of the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara organized a Buddhist Devotional Music event on 6 May 2023 from 6 p.m. onwards at the Te Hapua […]

Farewell Ceremony: Dr.(Mrs.) Kalyani Padukkage

In honor of Dr.(Mrs.) Kalyani Padukkage’s retirement, having been the coordinator of the Sri Lankan Language & Cultural School for over 15 years of dedicated and committed service to the […]

Commencement of Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School classes in 2023

The Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School for children at Christchurch Samadhi Vihara will start on 12 February from 9 am for year 2023. The school conducts classes for young […]

Vassana Dhamma Sermon (Aushadha Pujawa)

Aushadha Puja will be held at the Samadhi Vihara on Saturday, 24th September at 6.00 pm. The Aushadha Puja will be sponsored by Dr. Nilakshi Lenora. Programme: 6.00 pm      […]