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In April 2024, the construction of the expanded Bodhi Garaya commenced with digging the ground for its foundation. As of today, the laying of the concrete is completed over the foundation with the generous support from devotees of Samadhi Buddhist Vihara. This foundation serves as the base for the proposed hexagonal structure, which will provide shelter for the Bodhi tree, enabling its further growth and shielding it from harsh weather conditions.        
In the latest development of the ongoing construction project, the next phase is set to commence with the construction of the perimeter wall atop the established foundation. This will be followed by the erection of the steel structure and roof frame. The final step entails the installation of cladding and roofing, bringing the planned structure to completion.

To ensure timely completion and uphold the desired standards of quality, the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara relies on the generous support of devotees. Contributions from interested parties are pivotal to the success of this noble endeavour. Those willing to support this project are encouraged to contact Ven. Makuldeniye Somarathana Thero at +64 (0)22 0630568.


8 June 2024