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Samadhi Buddhist Vihara was established in 2002 in Christchurch, the main city of the south island of New Zealand. Being the main Sri Lankan based Buddhist temple in the south island, Samadhi Buddhist Vihara provides its services to the Sri Lankan Buddhist community living not only in Christchurch, but to those who live as far as Dunedin and Invercargill.

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What We Offer

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.

Learn Buddhism

Buddhism has a history of 2600 years, and is based on the teachings of Lord Buddha.

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Language and Cultural School

Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School - Samadhi Buddhist Vihara

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Meditation is the practice of training one’s mind in order to attain some benefits....

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Sangha Profiles

Several monks reside at Samdhi Buddhist Vihara. Their exact number depends on the current events or activities: Buddhist rites and Thai culture ceremonies. Occasionally, monks are invited to do the blessing outside of their temple - at private residences or businesses.

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This Temple is self-supporting through your donations alone. Your contributions allow the Temple to continue its programs and outreach.

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