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Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School conducts classes for young Sri Lankan community of age between 5 and 17 years old. The three Key stages of the school are: Key stage I (Small group – preliminary Level, Level 1 & Level 2), Key stage II (Middle group- Level 3) and Key stage III (Senior group- Level 4 & above).

The main purpose of the Sri Lankan Language and Cultural School is to provide opportunities to learn Sinhala, one of the Sri Lankan Languages, and Sri Lankan Cultural understanding with the aim of developing the quality of life of the young Sri Lankan community in Christchurch. Therefore all these school activities are focused on the development of the young Sri Lankans in Christchurch.

In addition to the teaching-learning programme, there are some Special Programmes that are implemented in the school.

  • Public speaking and improving communication in Sinhalese language
  • Achieving my goal -Think writing/Reflective practice  aimed at improving moral values and self -assessment
  • “Talent hour” aimed at improving student talents
  • “Sathi Pasala” – Mindfulness activities aimed at facing challenges.
  • Quiz programme- Building team spirit and gaining knowledge
  • Aesthetic activities and Cultural events- obtaining cultural values, and understanding cultural heritage
  • “Student Mentoring Programme” – developing young Sri Lankans for leadership

The student progress is assessed continuously. All the learning experiences are focused on making a difference in student achievements of language proficiency, moral values and team spirit through the various programmes of the school.

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