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The Lincoln Event Centre resonated with devotional chants and spiritual fervour as the Christchurch Samadhi Buddhist Vihara hosted the annual Poson Bathi Gee Puja on June 16th, 2024. This auspicious event celebrated the significant Poson Poya Day, marking the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahat Mahinda Thero. The event, organized by the Christchurch Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, drew a diverse gathering of devotees and well-wishers from across Christchurch and surrounding areas. The main hall of the Lincoln Event Centre was transformed into a sanctified space adorned with traditional Buddhist decorations and illuminated by the glow of oil lamps, creating an ambiance of peace and reverence.

The highlight of the evening was the melodious Bhakthi Gee, traditional Buddhist devotional songs sung in praise of Lord Buddha and his teachings. Local artists graced the stage representing both adults and children in the Sri Lankan community, captivating the audience with their soul-stirring performances. The musical renditions were accompanied by explanatory sermons and reflections on the significance of Poson Poya, delivered by venerable monks from the Christchurch Samadhi Buddhist Vihara. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in religious rituals, including offering flowers and lighting oil lamps, symbolizing the illumination of wisdom and the dispelling of darkness. The event also featured cultural dances, showcasing the rich heritage of Sri Lankan Buddhist traditions.

17 June 2024