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Dear Devotees and Friends in Dhamma,

The special robe, which is prepared to be offered for the Maha Sangha at the end of Vas Season, is available from 16th October to 20th November for devotees to include as part of their daily religious rituals at their home. The robe is a great living symbol of Buddhism. Therefore, this is an additional opportunity to practice rituals at home wholeheartedly and with full devotion.

The robe can be collected at any time after 4 pm on your allocated day and will be available until 4pm on the following day to make offerings.

All are kindly invited to take this meritorious opportunity to collect merits towards your Dhamma journey.

For more information, please contact Buddhika (022 391 0758) or Saumya (022 421 5629)

May the Blessings of Noble Triple Gem be with you!