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The fundraising committee is coordinating a Fundraising event on Saturday, 27th May 2023, to support the raising of funds for various development projects at the temple. We intend to sell packets of Rice & Curry for Dinner at this event.

Menu is given below,

  • Basmati rice
  • Dhal curry
  • Baked Chicken or Egg
  • Beans Curry
  • Batu moju 
  • Cutlet
  • Papadam

Price : $ 14.00 each

Payment method: Fund transfer to the Temple’s account :02-0800-0988651-000 ref:FR09 on or before 26th May 2023.

Please call / text Nirmalee (037 412 025) or Ganga (02040257962) to confirm orders or click here to order online.

There are collection points in the following locations for your convenience. You can pick up the order between 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Saturday, 27th May.

  • Wigram (Thilak)
  • Rolleston (Chathura)
  • Lincoln: Lincoln Dairy, 5B Robert St, Lincoln
  • CityCentre (Sadamali)
  • Riccarton (Salinda)
  • Burnside (Niranjan)
  • Samadhi Buddhist Vihara: 358 Maddisons Rd, Rolleston   

Appreciate your pre-orders on or before 26th May.

May the Blessings of Noble Triple Gem be with you!