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“Plant a tree today for Samadhi Haritha Sevana” programme has been organised by the devotees of the temple under the guidance and direction of Venerable Makuldeniye Somarathana Thero.

We kindly invite you to attend and plant a tree by yourself to mark this occasion.

The programme schedule on 13th August 2022 is:

  • 9:30am – 10:30am : Gathering and planting trees
  • 10.30am – 11.15am : Blessing ceremony

To reserve a plant or for more information please contact,
Ven. Makuldeniye Somarathana Thero (022 063 0568)
Subashini ( 022 646 7176 )

The following varieties of plants were ordered by the temple and the details are given below.

Plant Name Quantity Available Price
Apple 5 $50.00 each
Cherry – Already planted 5 $50.00 each
Peach 5 $50.00 each
Nectarine 5 $50.00 each
Plum 7 $50.00 each
KiwiGold 3 $50.00 each
Persimmon 5 $50.00 each


Your contribution in this special event is highly appreciated.

Bank Name : ANZ
Account Number: 06-0665-0143639-00

May You Have The Blessings Of The Noble Triple Gem!