Current Projects


The Samadhi Buddhist Trust is pleased to announce that the drawings of the new Toilet Block have been completed and we are in the process of obtaining consent from Selwyn District Council. The septic tank and soakage pit construction has been completed successfully.
In order to complete this project as soon as possible, we humbly request you to contribute as generously as you can, towards this meritorious venture. Financial contributions can be made directly to the temple’s account, whose details are as follows:
Account Name: Samadhi Buddhist Trust of New Zealand
Account Number: 02-0800-0988651-000
Code: Toilet Block
Reference: Your Name for Reference

For more information, please call the Samadhi Vihara (03 349 9925), Sudath Welengoda (021950594), Thilak Rodrigo (021 0261 5993) or Kelum Mendis (0275404965)



A Preliminary Services Contract was signed with Cornerstone Building Ltd on 11th February 2019 for the design and drawing of the Bathroom Block at Samadhi Vihara. This contract includes the following:

  • Arranging architect to liaise with Selwyn District Council and prepare Resource consent application, to reflect change of use of property.
  • Design and drawing of new bathroom block – will include 2 x male toilets & 2 x female toilets and 2 x accessible toilets with showering facilities.
  • Building consent documentation and application
  • Arranging Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil/Structural engineer, Planning consultant as required
  • Project Management will be by Cornerstone Building Ltd
  • Meditation Kuti – COMPLETED

A total of three Meditation Kuti have now been constructed at Samadhi Vihara.

Construction of the third Kuti was completed in February and a “Kuti Sasana Puja” is planned for the 9th March 2019 at 9.00am, to offer the Kuti to the Vihara. The Puja is sponsored by the donors of the Kuti.

The 9th of March is a very special day for the Samadhi Vihara as we will also be celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Vihara relocating at 358 Maddisons Road on that day.

  • Meditation Kuti – Space for Solitary Meditationditation Kuti – COMPLETED

Up to 20 Meditation Kuti (Huts) were planned for the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara and constructed over the last 5 years. Construction of the first Meditation Kuti at the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara commenced in early July 2018 These Kuti’s are available to devotees for solitary meditation practice in a quiet, natural setting.

  • Upgrading Temple Electricity System – from Single to 3 Phase – COMPLETED

The single phase electricity system at the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara was not strong enough to meet the demand for electricity at the temple. With the new developments being planned for the Vihara, it was decided to upgrade the system into a 3-phase system (63AMPs per phase) to meet the anticipated demands. Orion NZ provided the service and Mr. Samantha Perera, is the Electrician who will helped with upgrading the system. Applications for the proposed upgrade had been submitted to the City Council and to Orion NZ, to connect to their electrical distribution network.

Project Coordinator: Mala Nissanka

  • Water Heater /Hot Water Cylinder for Kitchen – COMPLETED

A Rheem Mains Pressure water heater was purchased and installed in the Samadhi Vihara Kitchen/Dining building, in July 2018. The hot water cylinder has a storage capacity of 45 L and can deliver up to 40 L of hot water per minute. To complete the project a cupboard was built to house the water cylinder.

Project Coordinator: Aruna Lakmal


These projects have been made possible because of the generous donations and support we have received from our donors. The Samadhi Buddhist Vihara Trust gratefully acknowledges the kindness and generosity of these donors who have contributed towards the projects.It is only with your support that we can continue to maintain and to develop the Vihara. If you wish to support or contribute to these projects in any way, please contact the Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, Ph. 03 3499925